Welcome to Zenergy Integrated Reflexology 

How can something that feels so amazing also be so beneficial for one's health?  Research shows that reflexology decreases muscle tension and stress while increasing circulation and calming the nervous system.  The result is a cascade of physical and mental benefits that can help a variety of conditions. 

Reflexology is a gentle, non-invasive, holistic approach used to encourage the entire body to heal itself.  It can be used on anybody of any age.  Whether you are currently in PAIN,  have another condition or are simply looking to reduce stress and tension and feel better, integrated reflexology is the

The feet are extremely important to the health of our body.  The feet indicate not only the current health of a body but can also predict the long term health of an individual.  Integrated reflexology can be used throughout a person's life.  Integrated reflexology can treat many problems that affect a person's health and lifestyle as well as aid in maintaining good health.  It is a wonderful way to ease stress and be a first step towards a healthier lifestyle.  Yes, bodywork is often seen as a luxury but consider it "pampering with a purpose," an investment that results in a lifetime of health.  You not only deserve it, you owe it to yourself!  Give yourself a gift that will decrease your pain, increase your movement and improve your quality of life!

I became fascinated with reflexology as a teenager when a friend said, in passing, "your entire body is mapped on your foot."  From that point on I became hooked.  I strongly believe in the effectiveness of reflexology because I have personally derived so many benefits from it for so many years.  I attribute my ongoing ability to participate in extremely physical activities to reflexology.  I feel that once you experience integrated reflexology you will quickly understand the role it plays in maintaining your overall health and well-being.

As a clinical reflexologist I specialize in developing and customizing wellness programs for your long term health.  An Integrated Reflexology session will appear very different than a typical reflexology session.  Instead of merely working the entire foot randomly I will target specific reflex points to address you complaints.  My goal for you is to experience a healthy, pain free life.  One session will yield results--three sessions and you'll be hooked.  Please contact me for a complimentary consultation; we can discuss how I can help you.