Integrated Reflexology General Session:
If you are new to reflexology or interested in a more generalized approach that supports your overall health, then a general session is for you.  The session is designed to work the entire foot in order to stimulate all the reflex points.  General sessions are excellent for decreasing stress, promoting health, and providing deep relaxation. This treatment is a great introduction to the benefits of working directly on the feet.   

Integrated Reflexology Therapeutic Session
If you are seeking reflexology for a specific complaint, condition or to ease pain a therapeutic approach is for you.  The session is customized to address your needs by keeping both your immediate and your long term goals in mind.  Specific points correlating to your needs will be worked.  The goal is to provide a deeply rejuvenating session that activates your body's energy and restores balance to your life.  These sessions can be 30, 60 or 90 minutes long.  (see definition of integrated reflexology below)

Deep Tissue Hand & Foot Massage:
Like your hands and feet massaged?  This is the treatment for you?  Focused, detailed massage work on the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the hands and feet will increase overall relaxation, increase overall flexibility and decrease stress.  You will walk away feeling lighter, rested, and energized.  

Lymphatic Facial & Foot Reflexology
This treatment is one of the most relaxing and pleasant experiences there is.  Lymphatic facials are wonderful for anybody but particularly beneficial for recent surgery, sinus issues, facial fluid retention.  Paired with foot work it is a treatment unlike any other.  

Head, Hands & Feet ~ Zenergy Signature Service:
Enjoy 90 minutes of Zen.   This treatment  focuses on your face, hands and feet.  The treatment begins with a lymphatic facial and ear massage (see below for info regardin lymphatic work).  Then moves to the arms, hands, lower leg and feet where massage and reflexology are used. This deeply restorative reflexology treatment accesses the reflex points throughout your head, hands and feet.  Try it just once and you'll discover just how quickly tension is released from your entire body.  You will walk away relaxed yet energized--ready to face the remainder of your day. 

On-Site Integrated Reflexology
Recent studies have shown that just 10 minutes of chair reflexology not only reduce an employee's stress level but will increase focus and productivity.  Used on a regular basis or for a special occasion, chair massage is a great reward for your employees.  There are several advantages to on-site reflexology: the semi-reclined position is far better for posture and allows for more tension relief in the upper shoulders/neck area; the semi-reclined position allows for employees to work on a lap-top (if necessary) while receiving work; the semi-reclined position does not leave lines or marks on the face or wrinkle clothes; reflexology work relaxes employees yet they walk away re-energized. 

What is "Integrated Reflexology?"
Integrated Reflexology is my own unique blend of therapies that I believe best treat pain and stress while also bringing about a wonderful sense of balance to the nervous system. Along with reflexology I have a background in therapeutic massage and cranio-sacral therapy. Thus, the modalities that I may incorporate in any given session may be, but are not limited to, massage, reflexology, cranio-sacral, five element, structural analysis, hot-stones, range of motion work and acupressure.

NOTE:  Lymphatic Drainage
Lymph Drainage Massage (LDM) is a hands-on technique that works specifically with the lymphatic system. It is designed to attain and sustain proper functioning of the human fluid system. A lymphatic facial is a deeply relaxing procedure that drains excess fluid from the face, decreases sinus pressure and stimulates both the circulatroy and lymphatic system. 

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